Bounty: Edo Doddson

Edo is ferretkind.

He probably started out looking a lot like his brother Todd, but there was a tragic accident and he became undead:

As gorgeous as this second image is, it’s a picture of an undead human and what we really need is an undead ferret.

Call for Art

Suntiger & co. are seeking a portrait of Edo as the ferretkind king of all undead.

We will pay fair price for the work of an artist who can help us out.


We would dearly love to have either of these scenes from our upcoming novel interpreted as a digital painting:

scene one

Our heroes open a massive sliding door leading out of a long-abandoned warehouse-like building and they see…

The ground in front of our building is perfectly flat. It may once have been paved, but now has a meadow of brush and weeds growing from uncountable cracks. Beryond that it is night, but not dark. The source of light is a giant, glowing crystal hanging vertically in the sky overhead, large enough a whole village might fit inside if you packed houses all on top of each other. Blue waves of energy billow off the crystal like a fog, dimly illuminating the wide field before us.

Directly under the floating tower, barely visible in the shadows, hundreds upon hundreds of undead soldiers bar our way. There are flatfoots and feral, humankind and otherkind, all packed together, shoulder to shoulder, each and every undead form holding unnaturally still. Their glowing eyes burn like a field of blue dots in the night, silently denying us.

Then the army ranks part and their leader strides forward.

He wears a heavy dark robe of crushed velvet. The robe has a hood, which is currently thrown back. His head once was a ferret’s but the passing centuries have reduced it to bone with only slim tatters of desiccated fur. A thin gold band rests upon his brow, and all the fires of hell burn in the lich king’s eyes.

Edo is scary but he’s our friend. He’s Todd’s brother, he mildly doesn’t mind Tuan, and although this is the first time he meets Fiora the two are going to get along fine.


scene two

We’re passing through a stone archway into a veritable jungle. Lush vegetation densely crowds the metal-grate walkway as we weave between vine-draped trees as thick as any in [the wetlands]. Dim purple light comes from somewhere high overhead, seen in glimpses through the dark, wet canopy.


The lich king stands as a statue under one tree, gently touching a single leaf with a bone finger. I think he’s pointing at something, so bend to look closer and realize there’s a tiny caterpiller eating the leaf. Edo’s touch is so gentle the bug is unaffected.

“You’re showing off,” Todd declares.


“But it’s pointless,” he argues.


* - Edo speaks telepathically, shown as ALL CAPITALS

Edo is also the most overpowered character in our story universe:

  • He will stop time for someone the very moment they become an inconvenience
  • He has converted entire legions of living into undead drones

He may be a scholar and a poet at heart, but that heart is very dry and has a lot of anger issues.


To summarize:

  • We need a digital painting of a ferretkind undead lich king

  • We would love to have the art be of the lich king in an environment

  • Above are two scenes from our upcoming novel that can be used as inspiration

Thank you ever so much for considering our project!

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