Fiora Ravensky

Art Reference

Fiora Ravensky is an anthro, female, jaguar.

She is a royal princess but has trained her whole life as a ninja warrior.

When she can sneak away from her mom’s court she likes to go questing as a simple adventurer for hire.

Call for Art

Suntiger & co. are seeking a full-body portrait of Fiora.

We will pay fair price for the work of an artist who can help us out.

This commission includes a strong element of clothing design.


Fiora is an anthro jaguar. She is athletic and has a strong, well-toned body.

Many female MMA fighters could be body stand-ins for Fiora. My personal favorite is Michelle Waterson.

Fiora’s head and face are strictly that of a jaguar.

Her eyes are multi-colored.

One side of her neck has a small sword tattoo that dies both skin and fur.

Other salient details:

  • age: 29
  • species: jaguar
  • body style: female, athletic, toned
  • fur: normal for species
  • skin: pink with spots
  • eyes: green to brown gradient
  • feet: plantigrade
  • poise: graceful and balanced
  • clothing: layers of grey silks
  • accessories: katana sword
  • markings: tattoo-like mark of a sword on side of neck

Pose and Setting

This commission could be built in either of a couple ways.

  1. Show Fiora in a quiet, contemplative moment. Perhaps she sits on the edge of a meditation pond in a thick tropical garden. Her sheathed sword rests across her lap as she contemplates life’s mysteries within the water.

  2. Show Fiora in combat. She is a master of sword fighting. Her blade is an ancient relic that can cut anything. Monsters called darklings are common in her world.

I keep imagining this portrait as option 1, the peaceful moment, but both options are totally valid.

Deeper Details

In the stories, Fiora dresses like a ninja. That is, her clothes completely obscure every bit of her. The problem is this is not terribly great for visual art that needs to show her face.

As such:

• If you want to show Fiora in combat, then rendering her costume as described in the stories is best.

They’re fully covered in thin, grey silk from ears to tail, even a veil, and even a sleeve for their tail. … Their outfit is all shades of grey, overlapping layers and flowing trails. It would – it did – distract the eye and give no sense of the fighter’s position as they move.

From .

• But if you want to show her in a peaceful moment, then we probably need to open up her outfit, to show her head, arms, and a feminine shape to her body. I’ve found some ideas by googling for contemporary dance outfits.

• In both cases, bonus points if you add a small decorative knot of cord onto one shoulder, the same color as the rest of her outfit.

• Her sword is a katana. The distinguishing feature here is it has no blade guard (tsuba). The sword’s sheath is matte black.

Thank you, so much over again!