“Who Ate the Spider?”

A Song of the Latter Earth

Children in the Latter Earth, especially those around the Free City of Majura, sometimes sing this creepy old song:

dark night in western-town;
when spider laid a trap;
out to catch a stupid fly.

round the table,
in the dark,
six arrive,
five depart.

stupid fly can’t but help;
has to spring the trap!
strike thy own right hand!

round the table,
in the dark,
five arrive,
four depart.

mummers art stems the flow;
hidden blood is strong;
let’s go another round!

round the table,
in the dark,
four arrive,
three depart.

spider sits, fat and fed;
safe in his old web;
all his many eyes are blind.

round the table,
in the dark,
three arrive,
two depart.

spider bleeds, inky black;
someone ate the king; bright red trees lick the sky.

round the table,
in the dark,
two arrive,
one departs.

dancers flee and singers fly;
but who ate the spider?
asks that dumb old fly.

round the table,
in the dark,
one alone,
none depart.

…or something like that. We write prose, not poetry, and changing the words here is totally allowed.

Anyway, point is this:

Call for Art

Suntiger & co. are seeking a musical interpretation of this poem into a song.

We will pay fair price for the work of an artist who can help us out.

Style Choices

Anything that works, works. We’ve been imagining a creepy kids song here, but that style is not required. That said, if you want a sense of what kinds of creepy kids songs we like, these are our favorites:

Thank you, ever so much, for considering our project!

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