Dragons’ Song

t’kat is a dragon; we have not met him yet in our story universe.

Call for Art

Suntiger & co. are seeking a musical interpretation of a few notes into a song.

We will pay fair price for the work of an artist who can help us out.


Dragons in our world are bound together by means of a spiritual hive mind, somewhat analogous to having a song stuck in the back of your head. All dragons can hear the dragon song, and any dragon can open a psychic channel of extreme power by consciously joining into the dragon song.

Here, in our world, all we know of this song (so far) are the opening notes:

These notes may have originally been inspired by sacred chanting, which is entirely one possible style to go with. But we are very open to other styles too. When playing for a few minutes in Garage Band, we thought it sounded nifty with an arpeggiating piano.

Dragon Song (opening notes)

Clearly we don’t know what we’re doing, and that’s why we need you.

Thank you, ever so much, for considering our project!

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