Todd Doddson

Art Reference

Todd Doddson is an anthro, male, ferret.

He is a thief and an assassin.

He’s most at home in the dark inner city, at night, when everyone still awake is out to prey on each other.

Call for Art

Suntiger & co. are seeking a full-body portrait of Todd.

We will pay fair price for the work of an artist who can help us out.

The ideal portrait here conveys a feeling of pure rage, barely contained or not.


Todd is an anthro ferret.

• He stands 1.7m (5‘7”) tall not including ears and weighs 61 kg (134 lbs). He has a very thin body but wears extra layers of clothing to hide it.

• His fur patterns – the ones outside his clothes anyway – are natural for his kind.

• His tail is probably also normal for a ferret, but the big cats in our story call it “short” and “brush-like”.

Brief general description:

  • age: 22
  • species: black-footed ferret
  • body style: male, thin, wirey
  • fur: tan browns and black
  • skin and eyes: dark
  • feet: plantigrade
  • poise: jumpy and quick
  • clothing: adaptable and silent
  • accessories: one knife, optional

Pose and Setting

If there is a way to show a single man strolling through a crowded market, completely undistinguishable from anyone else around him, but still utterly dangerous like spring-loaded death on a hair trigger, that would be Todd.

Alternately we could show him doing parkour across the top of a palace roof.

Deeper Details


Todd’s clothes look like simple, sensible, street wear.

  • light coat that hangs from his shoulders
  • thick sweater
  • tight stretchy high-collar undershirt
  • simple trousers
  • light-weight athletic shoes - one shoelace is red, the other one dusty brown
  • often wears a single small piece of jewelry

All the outer fabrics are shades of dusty brown. The stretchy undershirt is probably black. The outfit is all simple pieces with no details that anybody might remember. The red shoelace is the only meaningful mark.

Todd’s coat can be worn normally or carried by shoulder straps. The model in these photos does not convey the same intensity of spirit that Todd has, but his coat is much like what we have in mind, and Todd would probably steal it from him:


No matter how many things he’s stolen from your pockets during the last minute or two, Todd seems to carry nothing at all, ever.

If he’s threatened, a small black dagger appears in his palm. He is highly accurate with putting the blade exactly where he wants to, with absolutely no warning.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!