Tuan Suntiger

Art Reference

Tuan Suntiger is an anthro, male, white tiger.

His profession is adventurer for hire. His skills are magic and spears.

He likes sunbeams, learning things, and hanging out in the open desert.

Call for Art

Suntiger & co. are seeking a full-body portrait of Tuan.

We will pay fair price for the work of an artist who can help us out.

The ideal image is an action pose featuring Tuan in combat.


This cosplay photo stands as our best visual reference for the character:

If you’ll forgive our own lack of talent, the below drawing can also be used for ideas:

Salient details:

  • age: 27
  • species: white tiger
  • body style: male, bulky, woodsman
  • fur: normal for species except for a short white mane, kept in tight braids
  • skin: dark except for a small pink scar on nose
  • eyes: blue
  • feet: plantigrade
  • poise: strong but gentle
  • clothing: vest, cargo shorts, boots
  • accessories: spear, knife harness, two knives
  • markings: two tattoo-like marks on inside left wrist

Pose and Setting

Tuan is most at home fighting monsters in the desert, questing through the jungle, or almost any wild scene.

We would be happy with an interpretation of any of the cosplay photos we’ve made, or some new invention ripped out of your scariest nightmares.

If you would like to show Tuan in combat against a specific assailant, please feel free to draw inspiration from some of our world building notes on demons and darklings.

Deeper Details

Below here are a bunch of details to pull from as needed:


I’ve doctored a photo to show the scar on his nose.


The short spear he carries is the character’s trademark. It is a magic staff as much as a weapon. The character is more likely to use the spear to draw an arcane pattern of energy than he is to poke someone with it.


Tuan specializes in light and water magic.

The magic system in this universe is softly defined and not really the focus of the stories. That is, specific rules on how it works are generally not important. If you do want to dive deep, a lot of details are available in the world building notes on magic.

Knives and Harness

Tuan’s belt and knife harness are more complex than our art has reflected so far.

The harness and belt are integrated into each other. They’re made of leather with metal rivets at stress points. They have many small pockets, and some of the pockets are reinforced with metal. All surfaces of the leather have been tooled with rune-like patterns.

The harness holds two knives secure against Tuan’s left hip: a small dagger and a mid-sized kukri.


Tuan has two tattoo-like marks on the inside of his left forearm. They’re each about three finger-widths tall and stain both skin and fur. They are directly next to each other on his inside arm.

Thank you, ever so much!