Todd Doddson


Lamplighter Envoy

An ageless thief with a penchant for murder.

Born: 254 FW

Origin: a small town near Majura

Brothers: Jet, Mark, and Edo.

First Appearance: The Ghost Town

Due to a childhood accident, the Doddson brothers stopped aging for a while. Todd is generations older than anyone else around him.

In Tien, Todd once stole a clock tower, but insurers wrote it off as an act of nature. Across two generations, Todd first helped build, then later eliminated, the Majura crime syndicate. He legitimately owns a modest estate in the heartlands, though he’s rarely visited in the forty or so years he’s been a lord. Truly, there are multi-thousand-stone bounties standing against Todd’s various aliases throughout the entire Latter Earth.

Todd is tall and very thin. His fur is mostly brown, with dark hands, feet, and a natural mask. He usually wears loose trousers and a heavy wool shirt. He dresses to not be noticed. He carries no bags, instead secreting anything he lifts inside his simple clothes as if by magic. His main fighting weapon is a small dagger, dark as night, which also he hides somewhere inside his sleeve.

Tuan and Todd met when the latter hired the former to break a time-bubble that held the Doddson brothers captive. Against all odds, they succeeded. Four years later, the friendly rivals teamed-up again for another adventure, then somehow seem to still be traveling in the same direction after.

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