Intro: The Latter Earth


Aeons have passed.

Civilization stretched to the stars then fell back once more. Cycles repeated. Animals were uplifted and monsters perfected. Today, the sentient races together claw a new society out of the wreckage of the last.

It’s been twelve generations since the founding of a great energy wall that protects our people from migratory darklings. Countries and kingdoms have rooted all up and down the coast. Humans and otherkind together reap the benefits of culture and education. Levitated trains, the pinnacle of lux science, connect our cities and encourage commerce.

The Wild Guides

My name is Tuan Suntiger, a member in good standing with the Guild of Guides. My friends and I can take you past that energy wall, into the wilds, where the trains do not go.

Thank you for adventuring with us.

Suntiger & Co

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