on the Forging of Demons

at the High Alpine Thaumic Supercollider

Editor’s Note: the present day here is far before Tuan’s time, in what he calls the Great Psionic Empire. Current civilization spans the globe and counts time in years since the “Age of World Unity”. It’s an enlightened era.

Shareholder Report

1st of First Moon, 633 AWU

It has been a record breaking year at Lambent Technologies.

As you know, our company closed a 180M Series-D financing round early this fiscal year, led by Kel-Un-Dar Holdings with four other participants. To our new partners, let me say: Welcome! To all our shareholders, Thank You!

Your trust in us has dramatically benefited all operations at the High Alpine Thaumic Supercollider. The company has increased both headcount and drone labor at the plant site, driving the pace of development ahead of schedule. One week ago the Supercollider engaged in a test firing at 2% power. The results have been phenomenal.

But before we cover the current state of today’s cutting-edge research, let’s retrace how we got to where we are.

Historical Perspective

Lambent Technology humbly began as a partnership between Linsey Carver, CEO, and Ellis Bowman, Chief of Research. Mendelson Capital provided the seed investment and empowered the duo to go on the road, laying groundwork for the Supercollider.

The mission of the Supercollider is to “Prove the Alanrod-Malter Principle”, which is a dry way of saying we’re forging a tunnel to the heart of the universe and tapping into unlimited energy.

Since the discovery of thaumic energy in the 520’s, thaumic crafters have been bound by two polar opposites, which we call the revealing and concealing thaumic polarities. Then in 597 Paul Alanrod and Tobias Malter published their famous conjecture that the two polarities are entangled and a third, totally alien, organization of energy exists orthogonally between them. The Alanrod-Malter Principle defines the conditions under which opposing thaumic waves should combine constructively instead of annihilating each other. The pocket of triple-state energy thus formed is predicted to be a way of tapping into the universe’s thaumic background currents, allowing boundless free energy to be drawn from point sources.

It’s not overstating to say whomever first proves Alanrod-Maltar forges an inflection point on the growth of thaumic science.

Enter Doctor Bowman’s revolutionary experiments, which demonstrated the intricate conditions for Alanrod-Malter combination could be practically achieved. The process requires tremendous input energy though, plus new forms of large-scale thaumic craftwork. To this end, Lambent Technology formed as the operational machinery needed to bring Doctor Bowman’s designs to fruition.

Progress slipped when a deal for a first proposed plant fell apart in the eleventh hour. But Mendelson Capital doubled their investment and one year later a larger site was selected. Land was purchased and in 607 the first hard granite boulder was broken at our High Alpine site.

Plans for the High Alpine Thaumic Collider were drawn to span 14 perfectly leveled miles, with thaumic pathways crafted throughout. Four thaumic anchors were planned to power the structure, and negotiations were started with the few companies that could provide them. All four anchors needed to be very carefully balanced in strength, which led to engaging the four Principle Blades of Valantar for our effort.

The Blades still remain to this day among the most advanced thaumic constructions ever drawn. The legend goes each one individually could power a Valantar naval vessel. But the blades are generally unengaged, usually held in vaults or display cases as symbols of political power. Symbols can be moved and still remain symbols, our negotiators reasoned. In 609 we achieved an agreement and secured periodic access to the Valantar Blades for our research.

Construction completed at the plant site in 610. Four Valantar knights engaged the four Principle Blades and the Collider was fired for the first time.

Readings were taken, science was advanced. The collider was fired seven more times over the next two years. Each experiment revealed more secrets of the underlying principles of creation. But the cost was high and the gains were inconclusive. So in 613 operations at the High Alpine site were suspended. The company had achieved several notable advancements in thaumic crafting techniques, but the main objective remained elusive. Other Alanrod-Malter efforts around the whole world similarly faltered during this period.

The game changed in 627 when Daros Corporation drew a thaumic device that could cup and hold total spatial emptiness. Lambent’s research team re-grouped to consider the implications of the new work. Lambent reached out to Daros and the research teams welcomed one another. Top scientists synergistically engaged and in very short order we had a new proposal to revitalize the old High Alpine site.

Our new design turned the collider on its side, and draws it into the sky. Instead of four anchors, eight will be used, in a three-dimensional matrix. The old collider’s target point becomes a lens, and the combined thaumic waves get refocused into Daros’s “Zero Cup”, itself one of the eight anchors of the matrix.

With Daros Corporation’s investment into Lambent Technologies, the project surged forward. In 630 construction began in the sky over the old site. The High Alpine Thaumic Collider became the High Alpine Thaumic Super-collider.

Today, on the first day of 633, I’m proud to write that construction is complete.

Today’s Expectations

The High Alpine site is the most sophisticated research facility in the world. Forty eight individual labs are positioned at key focii, and have been fully lent to research teams from around the world.

Focusing the main thaumic matrix requires eight primary anchors:

  • (four) Principle Swords of Valantar
  • State Seal of Kamiya
  • Key of Ages
  • Crown of Aloysius
  • Zero Cup of Daros

Lesser anchors, generously provided by Kel-Un-Dar, power the facility whenever primary anchors are not present.

A test fire at 2% power was made under supervision of Knights of Valantar. All eight anchors were engaged and aligned while a dampener in the central lens prevented the thaumic wave from building above low levels. But even those low 2% limits are still 40% higher output than the maximum of the original collider. The Zero Cup fully held the reaction, and we recorded the cleanest glimpse ever into the heart of thaumic energy.

With the test firing complete company officers are now freed to go before the World Assembly. Legislative enthusiasm for the project has been strong, and we expect to be authorized for a full-power activation by the summer solstice.

Twenty years ago, cutting-edge science opened a tiny window through which we could glimpse universal free energy. This year, we will open the door to it.

This shareholder report contains all the financials and state-of-business you might expect; nay, more so. As you will see, our valuation is up, our brand registers ever more favorably, and there are already some lucrative license deals for our new IP. In all ways, our company is stronger than ever.

As such, I would like to invite you to stand with me and your fellow Lambent Technology shareholders this summer on the High Alpine plateau as all eight anchors of the High Alpine Thaumic Supercollider are engaged. Let’s celebrate together this amazing step in the evolution of science.

Please be here and join with doctors Bowman and Malter, entities Kelsig and Daros and many of the controlling board of Kel-Un-Dar, and the Knights of Valantar. Together we will raise our hands and take thaumic science forward.

I am excited to see you there.

Linsey Carver, CEO

Shareholder Note

18th of Ninth Moon, 633 AWU

Most recordings were classified in the aftermath the High Alpine Thaumic Supercollider’s engagement earlier this summer. Mystery breeds erroneous rumors though, so in the name of public truth, agents of the World Assembly have authorized me to disclose the following:

Entities Kelsig and Daros are well

Entity Kelsig and entity Daros are doing well. They remain out of public surveillance by their own choice, as they are as constrained as myself against disclosing details of an ongoing and highly sensitive investigation.

There was an explosion

I can confirm there was an explosion at the High Alpine plateau, and that it occurred during the firing sequence of the Supercollider. The explosion was not an anchor failure, and the Supercollider has not been destroyed. The Daros “Zero Cup” did fully contain the thaumic reaction as it had been designed to do.

Reality has not been split

Despite the media’s fascination with half-remembered bystander misinterpretation, there was no “dichotomy” registered on the experiment’s sensors. The words “bifurcation of reality” were not said anywhere in the control room.

Similarly, media has been showcasing stories of crafters who claim thaumic energy itself is behaving in new and strange ways since the day of the firing. These claims have been deeply studied, with no evidence found that any crafting operates differently now than it did three moons ago.

There is zero scientific evidence to think the firing event in any way affected our physical world.

No creature came out of the reaction

The most absurd rumors are that a living creature emerged from the thaumic reaction at the focus of the Supercollider. This is preposterous. No recording of the reaction chamber shows any such creature, and thaumic experts have proven that nothing as complex as life could possibly survive inside the chaos conditions of the reaction chamber.

Position of the Company

Operations at the High Alpine site have been suspended to facilitate ongoing investigations into the explosion and subsequent damage to the Supercollider.

Entity Daros has assumed the controlling role of our company until the current emergency situation has been resolved. It is our highest imperative to restore operations.

I invite you to stand strong with me, and hold to our commitment to the advancement of thaumic research. Science is always a grand adventure, and setbacks are part of any adventure. Setbacks are temporary though. We will not be stopped.

The High Alpine Thaumic Supercollider will operate again, possibly as soon as the end of this year.

Thank you,

Linsey Carver

Private Note

To: Linsey Carver From: Ellis Bowman

You are a master of words, Linsey. “No recording shows any creature,” ha! I laughed out loud at that. The whole final cone was in a pocket universe with its own time stream, of course none of our recordings showed anything!

You have to toe the line with all the lawyers, I know, but I feel you’ll never keep this contained. There were too many witnesses who saw something float right out of that chamber. And what about Kelsig, who absorbed it?! Don’t try to tell me the World Assembly is going to keep Kelsig and Daros hidden forever. They’ve got way too much clout for that. I’d be terrified about what those two could engineer together.

Wherever they’ve taken Kelsig, please help me get in there with them?!

There’s nobody better prepared to make sense of what came out of that hole in space than I am, and you’ve got me sitting here blind and idle.

Please Linsey!

Your forever friend, Ellis

Narrator Voice

Something did come out of that hole in spacetime, something made of pure energy and chaos. It would have rapidly lost structure in our orderly universe but for the intervention of the most sophisticated creature in the room, the artificial entity known as Kelsig. Entity Kelsig embraced the new life and gave it a home, by allowing it to wantonly reconfigure the entity’s own neural pathways.

By some accounts, entity Kelsig altruistically sacrificed themself to offer a newborn lifeform a chance.

By any account, the hybrid creature that emerged was not Kelsig, not as the entity had been.

For one, the new creature was no longer bound to corporeal form. The alien energy from which it was born needed no shape, no vessel. Once it had merged with entity Kelsig’s physical form and learned the patterns thereof, it was able to reproduce a functioning neurological complexity from pure thaumic energy alone. It quickly discarded the burned-out husk of its host and reformed a new body, which it could reshape or even dissolve at will.

Further, the entity could replicate. Biological life was resistant and usually perished if infected. But other entities proved to be highly vulnerable to takeover.

Daros was next to be consumed. As with Kelsig, the hybrid creature that emerged possessed many of the host’s original memories, though his personality and sense of purpose were overwritten, and largely connected with Kelsig’s, even if separated by arbitrary distance.

This effect was able to spread, entity to entity, with any level of connection, usually only a touch. In short order, all self-aware entities had been converted and some sense of Kelsig’s identity came to overlap and merge with their original self.

Entities had long philosophized about what they could accomplish if they all shared into one singular, connected brain. This new life made that happen.

The new life was born of thaumic energy, and so must feed from thaumic sources. Practically overnight, all intelligent biological life on our world became food stock for the creature. We became farm resources from which Kelsig could harvest our thaumic or emotional energies.

Kelsig originally was methodical and planned every move long before most of us could see them. But the new creature is chaos-seeking, from the chaos engine of its baptism. Added to that is that it feeds on our strongest feelings, and what has emerged is a creature that preys upon societal chaos.

These new entities whisper in your ears to rouse your passions. They want you to hate your neighbor, or to strike out at those who have wronged you. They want you to accuse your spouse, while giving your spouse reasons to accuse you. The creatures want to tear our society apart by the very roots, because in our strife do we release our strongest feelings.

There may be a shape-shifting entity sitting next to you right now.

Guard your feelings.

Suspect everyone.


Together we can rid our world of this menace.

[Approved for leaking by Daros; 18th of Ninth Moon, 633 AWU]

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